Who we are

Samra is a modern Saudi woman who loves to travel and share her moments with friends and family. She explores the world through her taste, and enjoys the beauty and the influence of the classical world. The beauty of the places’ designs she visits always fascinates her, as do the delicious food, the fashion, and the cultural life of the countries. She surveys and takes notes in her little diary as a way to solidify and share her memories passionately with her dear ones. Being generous is what pleases her the most. When she comes back to her home country, she combines what she gathers with the culture and the hospitality of Saudi Arabia, with the preservation of our style, to add more magnificence to what she shares.

who we are

Samra is a space that collects delicious sweets and foods in general, presented in a style that celebrates the art and the elegance of the neo-baroque style. It’s a space for creating and sharing the happy moments with the Arabic style. Samra worked fussily to present her menu based on the highest standards, inspired by the international style, with a touch of the Arabic, Saudi style.

Our vision

At Samra, we aim to make it a house that combines fine and elegant hospitality, to become the main destination when it comes to your special moments. We also aim to enhance the concepts of the fine dining and the experiments of food at all its means, to inspire the transformation of the Saudi industry, internally and externally.

Our message

Enhancing the brand experience through creativity, arts, Arabic hospitality details, elegance, and food arts.

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