Our policy
From 7am to 6pm for those who are younger than 10 years

Dress code:‏
The formal and casual dresses are welcomed all the time, while we don’t recommend having shorts or informal dresses at Samra.‏
-Note that there might be some exceptions.

Outside Foods & Drinks:‏
No outside foods and drinks.‏
-Note that there might be exceptions.

Your booking is valid for 10 more minutes after its original time. If this time is exceeded, we either cancel the booking or reschedule it based on other bookings

Chosen Tables:‏
We don’t guarantee providing a specific table, but our reception team will do their best to provide the most suitable table to your welcomed choice.

Seating Duration:
‏2 hours, We recommend attending at the time to enjoy the full available duration.

Parties & Celebrations:‏
Contact our customer service, 0533775888, earlier if you’re interested to book the party package or the cake
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